2006-03-18 03:46

by Vasil Kolev

The true admin can fix a problem in the middle of the night from his bed, while the cat is walking over him.
The true admin can diagnose a problem using faded memories and half a command.
The true admin can access the problematic machines even if it requires going through 666 machines.
The true admin is not really impressed by it.
The true admin can swear at his boss and ask him to kill himself as painfully as possible because of an error made (by the boss).
Истинският админ може да оправи проблем посред нощ от леглото, докато котката го гази.

Some day I’ll document all of the stuff about this that I got in my head because of some event… Who knows, some day I might be able to say for myself that I’m a true admin :)

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