2007-05-06 00:06

by Vasil Kolev

I managed to get out of home (was thinking to sleep all day), passed through the anime meeting and then went to the South park at “Flower for Gosho” (mostly to hear Balkandji :) ).

When I got there, a semi-boring group was playing (who were doing some nice things with a violin), after which Balkandji went on stage. It became obvious that the audio manager should be shot (Kiro’s guitar was barely audible), but they played with joy, there was moshing (a bit strange for their music), and in the end we managed to call them for an encore (mostly because we didn’t leave the conductive to say anything as we were shouting ‘bal-kan-ji’ :) ).

The final of the night was Milena Slavova with a group whose name I can’t remember – she was incredible. Even though she was sick and was coughing, she made a great show, the moshing was incredible (comparable to the melee at Kultur Shock), I got extremely hoarse, and … well, words aren’t enough. Her works will remain in our history…

(bad translation follows)
Crazy we all are, and the rest are missing
Some are left and are digging again
They want to build a bridge over the misery
But it’ll be hard to jump over this dirty hell
(where she added ‘but will’)

Half of the road home I took on foot, singing stuff like that…

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