2007-07-13 18:56

by Vasil Kolev

The reason for this post is this posting from optimiced’s blog, the news about the event described there were hear a bit earlier in the comments of some other blogs…
(for the non-bulgarian readers – the police is tracking blogers and warning then not to speak anything that is related to not-lawful demonstrations, like some of those for Strandja).

I don’t know about you, but I saw this as normal. Why – because in the end it looks like that the state is against us, not with us. Their whole idea is to give the power in the hands of a small group of people to implement their own interests on the expense of the rest of us… I’m a bit tired of the selective application of the laws (and the idiocies in the laws we have).

The wrongness of this is somewhat obvious.

So the rest might be saying “I’m not here to remove the government”, but I’ll say the opposite – people (I can’t find a good word for your kind of similarity to the human kind), I want to get rid of you. I want to get rid of your ugly system and methods. With pleasure I’ll line you up the wall and shoot you myself.
(or will find a more effective and visible way for getting rid of you, as a warning for those coming after you).
I’ll even accept calmly the idea that the revolution eats its children, and will just leave enough information for those following me to repeat what I’ve done when it’s needed.

There are people who get tired of crap like this and want to leave. There are also people that such stuff makes them more willing and confident.
(I even like it, which is not really correct)

Update: Wait, it’s in fact GDBOP, why should anyone be amazed – they’re more corrupt than the road police…

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