2007-08-11 13:54

by Vasil Kolev

I’m alive :)

(I should write something short on the topic “Why the server room is not a storage room and why it shouldn’t be used as one”)
As Murphy’s law states, there will always be an emergency Friday evening. After I stayed in the office until 22:30 fix some crap I went to heal myself…

After the healing session with C2H5OH and the seeing off of the company I saw it’s 5:00 and went home (e.g. they called me a cab, because I wasn’t really focused). After a “wedge wedge removes” I even don’t feel bad :)
(and of course the bastards gave me some work for the early morning)

Yesterday I deployed something really ugly (and useful for me) – swamp.ludost.net, based on Venus, with some stuff copied from the themes for planet.fsa-bg.org by Yassen. I still haven’t put in theregister.co.uk, as it screws with the whole think, I’ll probably have to play with the css (after I start understanding it :) ).

I’m too absent-minded to write on the “fun” events from the passed week that happened around our dear country, I’ll try something tonight…

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