by Vasil Kolev

First day from the vacation…

Monday I gave away whatever tasks I had to the other, wrote a report, yelled at whomever it was necessary, after which instead of going home I had to take care of clarifying a ton of crap…

In the end I was able to go home and sleep :)

Tuesday was my first day off work and it passed in different kinds of work. I brought the old monitor for repairs, the old backpack for repairs (it was able to fit in the front section of the new one), got the ends of my hair cur, after which I went to a meeting with prospective customers to clear up what they need, etc… Next Tuesday I have to pass through all these places again :)

I was seriously impressed by the craftsman to whom I left my backpack – an old, tired man, who’s the only one who’s taking care of such work – the official distributors of Samsonite and tons of other companies for somewhat expensive backpacks/bags/suitcases are sending their customers to him for repairs as there’s no one else. And he’s alone with his three strokes (according to him)…
There’s a lot of sorrow in this world.

I also bought the released at last “Origin” by Steven Baxter.

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