by Vasil Kolev

Today it finally got warmer.

We’re finishing the network now, I think that most cables are pulled, tomorrow/the day after it the switches will probably be lit. The DHCP setup took more than expected because of problems in isc-dhcpd – at the moment you run it in failover mode, it starts to have some weird issues and to give strange error messages (and, to die with SIGSEGV in some cases). I had to read the source a few times, to be able to understand why some stuff happens (at least there were comments that explain a lot more than the documentation)…

Another fun moment is that the food is pretty good and I’ll probably be eating healthy for whole 12 days – something that hasn’t happened in a long time (this much).
(and the Dutch food is weird, but edible)

In the last days I wake up at 7 in the morning because of the cold. It’s nasty, but I might have found a solution (and Marian arrives in two days and I’ve asked him to bring some stuff :) ).

And it finally rained, which is amazing – there were three consecutive days without rain.


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