2004-05-28 22:55

by Vasil Kolev

Today we got the adminspotting t-shirts (some people asked me to get theirs, too :) ). They look good, I’ll probably wear one at my lecture at the seminar in Stara Zagora.

Today I paid the power bill for the apartment for the first time – it took climbing a hill, I understood why Velin explained the way to me by the tram stops, not the directions I should walk …. :)

I’ll have to prepare mu luggage for the travel, but I’m still resting from the walking today. My feet are statring to give up, and hurt, I hope I’m not becoming a flat-foot.

Something goot to read, seen at slashdot: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/music/, a show, named ‘The way the music died’ – on the page there is the most of the textual content – mostly interviews. A great reading (and a lot of it :) )

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