2004-05-29 18:47

by Vasil Kolev

The seminar is going on with full power :)

In the morning we left Sofia with 3 cars, Zhoro’s, Penchev’s, and Niki’s – we left at around 10:00, and got there around 12:15 (it took about 30 mins to leave Sofia). The funniest moment was Velin’s wake-up sequence, he wasn’t sure that he’ll be coming (he had about 20 minutes sleep that night), and I have a photo of him talking on his phone while being asleep (if I get his permission, I’ll post them here) :)

It started with a small introductory lecture, and the Anton Zinoviev explained the new debian installer – there are some good thing in it, like a working arhitecture, and a full traslation even in bulgarian, I should ask him to put his presentation online.

Then was the Georgi Georgiev – Skeleta’s lecture, for the application of linux in the local Mathematics high school, which I and some people missed, because we went to a nearby pub to have breakfast/lunch (they had good pauch soup, beef, but good).

Then was my lecture, I spoke for hour and a half, and my throat got totally dry – and it was something good, I was expecting that it will go on for two hours :) There were some interesting notes, the lecture was fun and nice, I should listen to the recording, and to write the last version of the paper. I guess it will be online around tuesday-wednesday.

I have a stipulation to get a copy of the recordings of the lectures on my machine, to take them to Sofia, not to transfer them through the local internet connection – we always overload it around such events, and this way the mirrors will be up earlier.

Currently it’s the discussion of Valery Dachev about security and support of big networks going on, and I’ll be participating.

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