2005-03-10 01:31

by Vasil Kolev

The day again passed in optimizations of the data base, and in explanations that the sorting by a function of a filed is not opitimizable, and is not a good thing to use (especially if the function is lower() of a date). We also found out that a table is needlessly 4GB, and can be 1.7GB (and the machine can have a bit more memory :) ), so soon it will be working perfectly.

In the evening there was IBB, where I found out that we need to reserve three tables next time instead of two, because we had a hard time fitting there, even with the occupation of a near table. We were a lot of people, and the best part was that I introduced chervarium and Delian Delchev to each other, who really fit, and didn’t stop talking through the whole evening :) They were really interesting to listen to, we went through a lot of topics, like Cisco IOS, IOSnx, design of chips and harwdare, Chernobyl, Kozloduy, nuclear reactors, radiation sickness, human anatomy, formal proofs of algorithms and programs and whatnot (I can’t guarantee that that was the exact order). And because I got tired of being sick, I drank a beer, to feel normally ….

I got an interesting idea about the demonstration against the software patents that Grigor proposed – to organize a mourning procession with three coffins – of the Bulgarian Internet (because it’s built on free software), of the Bulgarian software industry, and of the free software, to find a piper that can play something sad, to get someone that can do a mass (chervarium will be perfect, with his current beard), and to go around and mourn the free software, etc., in front of some embassies of countries in the EU. The renting of a coffin, etc, shouldn’t be a problem (I see no point in buying, Delian said that it would be a good rack, but Vlado responded that it won’t be, because it’s not 19″), the cassock shouldn’t also be a problem, and carriers we’ll find :)

I also heard the interesting rumor about Svetlin Nakov, about something that he said at a competitions these days (Gruhtar, if you’re reading this, post a comment on it :) ), that he was writing at a time free software, but found that there weren’t any money in it, and went out to work for Microsoft. To me this seems laughable, because he never wrote any free software (that can be said so by the definition), not to mention the fact that he never tried to to money with it.

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