2005-12-14 01:02

by Vasil Kolev

Today I went with Pisobella to watch Night Songs at Hambara, and thankfully I had reserved tickets earlier, because they were again sold out earlier (that’s somewhat a problem of the place itself, it can fit comfortably up to 50 people). It was a really good idea that with each ticket there were 50 g. whisky (it was some kind of promotion, but it still is a good idea).

About the show itself I’ll just say that it was great… It’s mostly a sad play that made everybody laugh. Something really interesting is that if Vesela (who was the main character and was pretty incredible) is able to drink in the same way IRL as she was drinking in the play (and that was pure whisky), she’ll be able to out-rink chervarium :) So if anyone hasn’t watched it, there are shows at 19th and 21th (and at the 14th, but finding tickets will probably be a hard work, probably including killing someone), go and see it :)

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