2008-05-29 Alex Bukarski

by Vasil Kolev

I finally went to one IBB, I haven’t done that in the last months because of the neuralgia. I even drank a small beer :)

One of the main ideas was to pass through Gramophone to buy the book of Alex Bukarski (“People, whose parachute doesn’t open”), as I didn’t manage that at the main presentation. I went there, bought the book with an autograph, we spoke a bit and I went back to Krivoto…

Chervarium took the book, read a bit and went to buy one for himself. A bit later Avatar showed up, and went to get the book too, which evidently prompted Alex and Komitata to come in Krivoto. When I was leaving, Alex was explaining how some kind of porn game was played and everyone around was dying of laughter – showing once again what happens with the birds of feather :)
(good people can be found everywhere :) )

I finished reading the book a while ago, it’s easily read in one sitting – the translation is pretty good, everything needed can be felt, and all the tales there are pretty nice (which reminds me to add his blog to the swamp, I should be able to read him in original). Also, the other translations by Komitata should be checked.
(I’ve lost the habit for reading in Bulgarian, I should’ve finished this faster. And he should’ve published something bigger, this felt really short :) )

(As a small side note. I mostly understood what Alex was saying, but like me he was speaking pretty fast, which created some problems… maybe I should try speaking slower :) )

I’m also wondering if the wierdo-intelligent Ivan Popov is going to write some more, some such young and good authors are needed as I’m too tired of the usual crap that gets published.

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