by Vasil Kolev

Turns out that a few days ago another book by Victor Pelevin was published – “Werewolf metamorphoses” (the original is “Священная Книга Оборотня”, something like “The holy book of the shape-shifters”) – he has written a … love story, in his own way. Wonderful book, at some moments you really need to stop and think on the philosophy explained there. It’s not as hard as “Chapayev and Void” (“Buddha’s Little Finger, a.k.a. clay machine gun” in English), but that doesn’t stop you from really enjoying the book.
(and I’m thankful for the book, as I haven’t read anything seriously in Bulgarian in the last months)

Today I also went to The House of Rising Force, a shop for musical instruments to look for a bass guitar. There was one set for beginners with a precission bass and an amplifier/speaker, but I asked a bit more and in the end it turned out they have a fretless bass, which felt like the right instrument… The main problem with it is that is’ the hardest one to learn and that even professionally it’s not used a lot, so I’ll think a bit more until tomorrow if it’s going to be this or a regular one.

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