by Vasil Kolev

First event day.

Nothing broke seriously, at some point I got bored and went out to debug users’ problems. From the list of lectures today there aren’t that many interesting to me, I went to see one of the security guy from XS4ALL (which was pretty interesting), in the evening I’m thinking about a few. Tomorrow there’s a long list of interesting stuff, I’ll see what when.

They started the local GSM network, I already connected to it with one of my cards. It’s mostly like this – you try to connect to NL 42 (or 204 42, as it’s seen in some phones), you receive one SMS with some registration data in a web page, and after registration you can register in it and use it. Becuase of some regulatory issues you can’t link it with another network (and they still lack the code that pulls audio out of it). They’re using OpenBSC, not OpenBTS (that’s an implementation based on GNUradio), but they’re expecting the OpenBTS people to show up at osome point.

The backup blanket arrived (Marian showed up yesterday), which really helped sleeping. Marian’s arrival also included also the bringing of liter-two rakiya (really good), the drinking of which moved to the exchange of hard liquors with the polish. In the morning half the NOC was looking a bit hung-over :)
(and it definitely helped sleeping)

It still hasn’t rained today.


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