2004-05-30 11:23

by Vasil Kolev

After Valeri Dachev’s lecture (which didn’t fit in the time remaining) we got a room at hotel “Zheleznik”, and then went to the restaurant on the lake, to dring and talk. There were a lot of religious wars, all kinds of talks, a lot of drinking (I even drank a beer, I’m not ‘not drinking’ anymore :) ). At some time I went to the hotel, and they stayed there to finish the drinks, and to go to some other places. I got a good sleep, and woke just one time, to see Zhoro coming back and going to bed (reeling, and not being able to talk).

In the morning we got up and gathered (Valyak didn’t have any sleep, Zhoro sweared at me for waking him up, but that was his own phone), and we gathered in the club, where we found out that we were the only ones there, and all the rest were still coming back to life, so we went to a nearby place to have breakfast (I had a belly soup, we all had breakfast)

Today will be Plamen Tonev’s and Zhoro Chorbadzhiyski’s lectures, then a LPI exam, and then we’ll be going back to Sofia, after, if it’s possible, I’ll get a copy of the recordings of the lectures.

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