2004-05-31 01:43

by Vasil Kolev

I had a good sleep in the last few hours…

We came home from the seminar, and I’m definitely putting Zhoro in the category of the good drivers – the trip was great, somewhat low-flying (Plamen Tonev told me that we flew past them around 30 km from Sofia). I found also that he’s a vegetarian – what’s happening to the people these days?

I have some photos, but I’ll have to sleep a bit, and then I’ll put them somewhere online.

The LPI exam was good – we did it (Zhoro and Salle were faster than me :) but it was expected, I read the test 2-3 times, to be sure), and there were some really hard questions (Zhoro, the answer to that question is 5, not 3, I’ve guessed it right, I almost can’t believe it :) ). There were 9 people on this exam, let’s see how much will pass it, and let’s see when will be the next one.

There was a great interest at the seminar about the idea for BGNOG and guild for the system and network administrators, so when I finish mu lecture, I’ll start it. There are a lot of things that it will help for – some people were interested in a network security course as ours to be done in Varna, and I told them, that if there is someone willing, we’ll gather all the materials and plans and give them (they’re all available on the site, btw).

For the seminar itself and the party after the first day there will probably be legends, but I’ll leave their story to the involved, to write it in their blogs :) Who where and with whom has slept, who drank what, who spoke what… I’m feeling somewhat old for such stuff :)

I’m a bit beaten now, I had some sleep, and read some more from “Puschkin” by Anri Troaya – a good book, and really interesting. Because of that, Tad Williams is somewhere on the floor, waiting :)

The seminar had one really good side – I replenished my wardrobe, because I really felt the lack of t-shirts in the last month – I bought a lot of the seminar’s shirts, some for gifts, some for me, some for other people (yeeees, Kirchev, I got one for you, sleep calmly :) )

We made marla a smarthost for the lug-bg mailing list, and it works really fast, I’m proud of the machine – now the delay in the list is a lot lower, and after Spas upgrades the machine, where majordomo is running (and if he changes it with mailman) the things will go even faster.

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