After a wedding

by Vasil Kolev

CABOB got married.

It all began with a ceremony in the “St. George” church with all the fun moments – we wondered if chervarium will evaporate in flames on crossing the threshold, v0rbe got told to take his hat off, we all worked hard not to laugh idiotically on the parts how the woman should listen to the man and how their life should be calm… The acoustics in the church were incredible, I wonder if some day we can bring Velin’s audio there and to listen to it.

We continued in restaurant “Bilyana” (oh, this name) in Studentski grad, with a lot of drinking (whoa, what a great rakiya) and all kinds of fun, like breathing through all the balloons with helium… This time we skipped the dance of the drunk and fallen crocodile, but danced a Danube horo (according to the people around everybody danced in a different way and I got asked why have I tried to make a mosh with the people around). Extremely fun, just at some point I decided to go home as I had started having trouble breathing (and Savov almost kicked me for leaving so early :) ).
(and what great blackmail material we have …)

I’m coughing like mad, damn smokers.

I still haven’t solved my problem. It’ll probably become worse and I’m getting more and more depressed, but I seem to be used to it. At least I’ve decided what to do.

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