2008-05-24 literacy

by Vasil Kolev

So it’s the 24th of May (or it was about two hours ago)…

I’m starting to note the level of literacy online. Usually I read every day the news from “Dnevnik”, some times from ZaGrada, whatever I get from friends over IM from some sites and the stuff from swamp.ludost.net, and for the moment my observations are that the blogs (or at least the ones I read) are the most literate.
(all of this is related to online publications, I don’t read newspapers on paper)

In “Dnevnik” I regularly find spelling or typographic mistakes, some times even in the headlines – I’m tired of noting in the comments stuff that the elementary spell checker will catch. Everyone who reads a bit more is annoyed by stuff like this – mostly because this kills the speed of reading.
(also, “Capital” doesn’t have that problem, but they have a week to make the issue :) )

In ZaGrada I haven’t seen so much mistakes, but there the articles are less, and I’m not that regular there – but it seems better, they might want to help “Dnevnik” a bit.

From some other sites (news.bg, etc.) I read rarely anything and haven’t seen a lot of errors, but their lacking content is the main problem, and the designs sucks (the previous ones have a passable one).

In the swamp there seems to be one blog (Marian Marinov, whom I’ll install spell checker personally one day and will set it in a way that prevents him from posting with errors, and maybe I’ll find his first grade teacher, give her a bir stick and have her re-teach him) who has trouble with spelling, and I’ve maybe caught about 10 postings with errors in the spelling (like one of Eneya, when she was in a big hurry)- the rest is fine, even the crap with “Й” is not easily found.

In short… People, there are free spell checkers, please install one and use it – I always check my stuff, I’ve found some pretty stupid mistakes of my own. This way you won’t look like idiots and will make the reading of your stuff easier for the people on the other side :)

(on the topic of style errors I might write something when I learn not to make them myself :) )

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