by Vasil Kolev

I’m definitely going to blame the pills. I was moving DNSes around today, and it took me 5 hours, 52 commits in the config repository and a lot of conversations to move 107 domains with the glue records and other shit (and I’ve probably missed something, probably some other idiot is keeping glue, but that’s their problem, they’ll be fucked up in a week). I should’ve done this faster, probably, or just to leave this to the juniors (which were busy with some worse shit), and definitely not do this Friday… It was a horrible mess, a lot of this was made before I started working in the company (e.g. more than three years ago), and there’s still stuff to be fixed, like the look of some zone files, but that definitely can wait.

I also received the best description of my playing in a comment of the previous posting, I’ll post it here, and I’m asking the author to agree to put this on top of the archive, it describes to OGGs perfectly:

vasil Says:
June 12th, 2009 at 17:31
downloaded first ogg – this music is made with the purpose of going into brain washing and then eating through a straw through the ear of the insipid liquid

Dude, thanks :) Just tell me if you have anything against using it :)

And after I found that the thing of Rammstein that I have under the name of “Eskimos & Egypt” is actually a remix of the song “Rammstein” (which adds to the layers of tragedy of my music hearing) I started thinking about playing parts of it. Looks simple, just the rhythm needs to be the right one:)

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