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One normal picture of mine .

A CV in some format.

I think I won’t provide a link to the blog :)

My name is Vasil Kolev. I’m also known as maniax, killerian, krokodilerian, the green guy, crocodile and similar ones.
(at some places I’ve been mentioned as “a set of leather accessories”, “Manya H. Kilerman”, “maniax”, “mainax” and can’t-remember-what-more).

I’ve been blogging since January 2004 (the first three months were at blogger, then I moved it to marla). The main points are 1) to tell everyone what happens around me (not to tell it to each one in person), 2) to write some useful stuff, 3) to pour out what’s on my mind and 4) to be able to check what has happened to me in the past, as my memory is not very good.
As I do too much of 3), I’m writing the blog in both Bulgarian and English. Doesn’t help a lot.
I use standard wordpress with some small modifications for two language support and some other small extras.

I occupy myself with system (mostly) and network (not so much) administration since I’ve been 16. My main thing in that is debugging others’ (mostly) and mine (not so much) problems. My dream is to debug the world.

I’m not a pleasant person. A lot of people seem to be falsely believing otherwise, but enough reading of my blog should clear that. I’m a misanthrope, can’t stand bullshit and never care about anything when I go out and speak against it.

The rest of my interests include reading, drinking and girls (not strictly in that order). Combinations have been tried with varying results. At some points the memories are lost and retries come in order…

I’m also trying some music playing. I have a bass guitar (my favorite), a piano (in the apartment, not mine, I wouldn’t want to have to drag it around), a normal guitar (which is in fact of my brother and needs to be fixed a bit) and a taramuka. My neighbors haven’t kicked me out, in spite of my incompetence.

The stuff in the blog gets written with gvim and checked with the internal spell checker. All errors are mine, so tell me if you find some :)

The stuff I read (as in blogs) can be seen at swamp.ludost.net.
Some of the books I read are in the blog under the “книги” tag. Most of them can be seen in goodreads, I try to update the list regularly.

I have a brother with whom I have nothing in common. As we still can’t convince our mother that at least one of us was replaced in the hospital, we still have to endure each other.

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  1. Mark Parris Says:

    Hello! In 1996 or 1997-ish, I had my credit card number appropriated by someone who used it to set up an ISP account and then order some programming books from Barnes & Noble. I cancelled the card and got a new number, thinking that was the end of it. A few weeks later, I got a letter in the mail from the person who had used my credit card, apologizing for the act. He seemed sincerely sorry for the inconvenience and let me know that the reason he’d done it was that it was the only way he had to get those books. I thought this was a very honorable thing to do and the person’s name stuck with me for years: Vasil Kolev.

    Yesterday, I was relating the story to my girlfriend and she thought it interesting that I remembered this person’s name after 20 years, so we deployed internet search engines to see if we could locate the person. I am wondering if that person is you. Is it?

    If so, please do not be alarmed. I hold no animosity towards you and after looking at your CV, am betting that those books were put to good use, indeed. If I contributed to your learning in some small way, I think that’s pretty cool.

    If you are not that person, apologies for the intrusion.

    Kindest regards,
    Mark Parris

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